Full Metal Energy

Play/Desk Mats, Live Breaks, and more!

These mats ROCK! I looked everywhere for a kick ass mat that could take a beating, and these don't dissapoint! 

-Some Iron Snake

What even is this?

We make custom gaming inspired Play/Deskmats for YOU! There's a lack of bad ass designs for people to amp up their play, gaming set up, streams, or photos out there, so we're here to change that! On top of that we've done the work to source the best quality mats we could find to make sure it's LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! 🤘🏻 If you don't absolutely love your new mat, I'll cry. But I know you will! 

Who's even running this thing?

Gavin J

I'm just a guy with a passion for Pokemon, Art, Music, and all things METAL! I've been a collector for a long time and just wanted to bring something awesome to the community! If there's anything I can do to help or any suggestions on things you'd love to see, hit me up on Instagram @fullmetalenergy! 🤘🏻

Feel free to check out ALL socials and stay tuned for new drops, live breaks, and any other crazy stuff we think of next!